The Vaulted Undercrofts

Underneath Ferniehirst Castle are five vaulted undercrofts or cellar rooms. Each has its own unique use.

The Clan Kerr Family History Room

A treasure trove dedicated to the story of the Kerr Family.
Photographs and memorabilia from throughout the ages. A must see for those who proudly bear the name Kerr.

The Kerr Family Chapel

Inspired by St Margaret’s Chapel at Edinburgh Castle, the 12th Lady Lothian created this little place of worship for the family.

It is surely one of the most romantic places in the world for a small and private wedding. Just enough room for the Bride and Groom to be married with a few seats for special guests.

The Chapel at Ferniehirst Castle

Utility/Storage Room

Underneath what are now the steps to the kitchen, behind the well-stocked log pile is the utility and store room. A useful space for storing food and drink as well as containing plentiful equipment for keeping clothes and bedding fresh and dry during your stay. A useful space for film production companies too.

Boot Room at Ferniehirst Castle

Boot Room

The place to find a good supply of Wellington boots, advised to wear on wet days for those glorious country walks, which are so plentiful in the grounds surrounding the Castle. 

The Gun Room at Ferniehirst Castle

Gun Room

A secure place for storing equipment for shooting and fishing.